23 07 2007

Hard to believe, but it was one year ago today that I established New YTOWN. Looking through the archives, we covered a lot of ground, from different ideas to freshen up downtown to my perceived mismanagement of Global Entertainment, and from the emergence of Youngstown as America’s 9th most dangerous city to the emergence of new businesses and organizations in the area, and not to mention a mass emergence of Youngstown blogs recently.

I’ve also amassed over 6,000 hits, a respectable number though I’m sure if I wrote regularly (no unannounced weeks to months off) it’d be higher. Oh, well. It’s great people read this site at all is what I think.

So as I begin the second year on this blog, expect another one of those hiatuses soon. The latter part of August and into September is a busy time for me, but I’ll get a blurb in when I can. Aside from that, expect some of my strongest writing yet on whatever hits the area next.

That’s all I have to say for about this milestone. Back to blogging.




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23 07 2007


Have you tried using Reddit? I’m afraid to use it to often as I don’t know what constitutes spamming, but it does drive a lot of traffic. My Writing Blog got 1,600 hits on one day and Steelvalleyoutdoors got over 200.

23 07 2007
Defend Youngstown

Great to have you along in the battle for Ytown. I enjoy reading your posts. Keep up the great work. Here’s to Year 2!

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