Be Grateful

18 07 2007

I haven’t left the site again for no reason again; this time I took a vacation to New York, and I experienced some things that make me glad to live here. You can drive to pretty much anywhere in a reasonable amount of time, compared to the New York/New Jersey subways to get around the city or surrounding areas in the same amount, for one. There’s also that really interesting smell permeating the air wherever you go. The city has plenty of other faults, but they help define NYC and don’t exactly detract from the many awesome things to do should you ever visit.

But aspects of the two biggest highlights of my trip got me thinking about, of all things, the Chevrolet Centre. It happened over the course of two days: one day, I was at Shea Stadium for a Mets game, the next at a Yankees game in the House That Ruth Built. They are true throwback stadiums, ballparks that will be demolished soon and have housed some of the most colorful, storied teams in baseball, and judging by media reports the people of Youngstown would have a heart attack were they ever to visit one of them.

The Vindicator, along with Jay Williams, have been voices for people here who complain about how high the concession prices are at the arena. The people who say these things must not get out too much, because after going to these ballparks I would demand these people start rejoicing at how good they have it as far as the price of food is concerned.

The Chevrolet Centre is a minor league venue, housing minor league sports teams, and shoud therefore have minor leagues prices, right? Already accomplished, compared to what some people say. True, The Vindicator comparison showed Eastwood Field and Canal Park may have been lower in some areas, but even their highest prices were well below venues in Cleveland and Pittsburgh. And then New York makes us look like a soup kitchen.

Consider this: at Shea Stadium, water is 4 dollars a bottle, and a hot dog is 4.50 or $5, depending on which kind you like. Sodas are in two sizes, costing $3.50 or $6. Yankee Stadium’s prices are comparable, but what really got me was the price of beer: $7.50 for a Bud at Shea, and a full $8 for a bottle at Yankee Stadium. And people still buy this stuff.

So what do you think of those prices? Feel like complaining to Boston Culinary some more? 

I guess all I can say is be grateful. Be grateful you can watch hockey and not take out a loan for beer and a dog.




2 responses

21 07 2007

Have you not been to the big city before? New York is probably one of the most expensive cities in this country. Friends of ours took a family vacation there several years ago and all they could talk about when they came back was how much breakfast cost at McDonald’s. Prices here are much better for most things we buy, whether entertainment or the necessities of life. No surprise there.

22 07 2007

Yes, I have been to the big city before. Quite a few of them. But the issue here was more about the complaints about Chevrolet Centre prices. New York is expensive, but a lot of other “major league venues” have prices that are similar to those two places.

It was more directed at the complainers. I mean, you think the price of a hot dog at a Scrappers game is high? Go to an Indians or Pirates game and you’ll see prices worth complaining about.

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