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2 07 2007

This past Wednesday, published a story on what might be my favorite place to go in Youngstown: The Royal Oaks. It’s a great article, and it truly unearths the aspects of the place that I so love.

Yeah, the MVR and Golden Dawn- two places equally laden with tradition- are nice, but the Oaks is free from the unofficial Catholic school affiliation, and has the most kick-ass ribs anywhere.

I just had to point this out. I love The Royal Oaks, and I love this story.  CLICK IT!p1010326.jpg




3 responses

2 07 2007

Golden Dawn is a good place to get a drink and the MVR is a good place to get something to eat.

I like each place more than the Royal Oaks because I actually feel safe parking my car outside of each and walking in during the late night hours!

3 07 2007

I love the Royal Oaks, MVR is O.K., can’t stand Golden Dawn. That website is a joke, The Vindicator’s horrid attempt at trying to be “hip”.

30 07 2007

Agree about Valley24 – can’t they just say they are the Vindy?
Golden Dawn atmosphere is cool, food ok.
MVR- ok, good food, kinda clicky.
I also love the Royal Oaks but I wish they would clean up a little of the grime. Best food around but the black sooty area around the wall fan turns me off.

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