At a standstill

10 06 2007

As you can see, the New YTOWN blog, like we did at the end of last year, went on an unanounced hiatus again, having not posted since April.

There’s a good reason.

Since our article favoring the Steelhounds move to the ECHL, there aren’t many updates on downtown news, although yesterday’s Vindicator did report on an ECHL move, but with very little insight into what the ‘Hounds might actually do.

ThunderWatch will be removed. My bad, guys.

As to the rest of the city, everything ebbs and flows, and development downtown has reached a low point. has virtually no activity. Friday Night Fights and a handful of concerts will play the Chevy Centre, and the Brier Hill Festival and YSU summer festival of the arts will come in the near future, but these are regular occurances.

I’m gonna try to come back regularly now, feeling I’m way overdue with getting back to writing. I’ll at least try to be Youngstown-related.




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