Score one for the pro-yo’ers

7 04 2007

It may be an online-only feature, and it may only mention two blogs, but’s  headline this morningis about Phil Kidd’s “Defend Youngstown” project and the larger movement who “uses the internet to promote Youngstown” (example, this blog you’re reading right now).

The story centers around Kidd, and I’d say he deserves it, because he’s been steadily making a name for the city (and by extension, himself) by selling “Defend Youngstown” t-shirts, about 7000 of which have been sold and have been worn by the likes of Jay Williams, Ted Strickland, Tim Ryan and Kelly Pavlik. He talks about the positive he sees in the city, and his ambitions to spread the pro-Youngstown movement everywhere he goes and to one day be a city prosecutor. Janko of I Will Shout Youngstown is also interviewed.

True, this story is basically a profile of Phil Kidd and what he does to promote the city, but the Youngstown Blogosphere has finally gained recognition from the local “mainstream media”.  Hopefully, we’ll all benefit from this press coverage. More people will check out Phil’s Defend Youngstown sites, which by extension also link to most of the Youngstown blogs, so hopefully more people will start finding out there’s a lot to love about this city, and our community can grow even larger.

One more note, ThunderWatch has been updated. And GO ‘HOUNDS!!!

-Famous Mortimer




One response

8 04 2007
Phil Kidd

Thank for the kind words, New Ytown. Here’s to all those who stive to promote Youngstown!

Phil Kidd

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