Snow ((Hey Oh))

13 02 2007

I must say, the snowfall we’ve seen since last night is some of the worst I’ve seen in a while. And just when we thought global warming had taken over….

And while we’re on the subject, is this a sorry excuse for a slow news day, or what? I have a contingent of friends who agree the mainstream media here will, as they put it, “rot your mind”, and this is the stuff that backs their arguements up. I mean I think The Vindicator, despite its flaws, does ok for a market our size, but when we see a snowfall like this you couldn’t report on what road departments have had to do or what to expect with traffic conditions the next couple days? Anyone?

Continuing this 6 degrees of separation sort of thing, did do something right in giving a blog to Cleveland internet show Moohead Radio (link at right =>). It’s all the more important this is highlighted, as today Marc (aka Moohead) found indoor football “owner” Jim Terry, interviewed on this site when we first started (a lifetime ago, in the summer), didn’t have his players insured for their first two games played. That is just wrong. If you don’t follow this three ring circus of a story (and you’re better for it if you haven’t) let’s just say it has reached unbelievable, pathetic proportions, and now that’s left is for it to die a slow death. So support your truly “professional” sports teams here: the Scrappers, Steelhounds, Thunder and YSU.

 Just checking in, everybody. Good luck driving tomorrow, wherever you’re going.




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