Global continues to come up short.. It’s time to look elsewhere!

6 02 2007


For the “ump”teenth time in a row it seems, since the Chevrolet Centre opened back in October 2005, the predictions for a $356,000 profit for the months October-December came up $212,000 SHORT! During this same period in 2005, the Chevy Centre made a $545,000 profit!

I find it appalling that Global would continue to be this far off on financial predictions. Either their accountants are coming right out college, or they have no idea how to run an operation. I personally think its both!

The Convocation Center from the beginning has been plagued by problems with operations; managers Jeff Kossow and Matt Hufnagel each resigned, and the financial predictions have been million dollars off.

It’s time for Mayor Jay Williams and Co. to clean up shop over there and start from the beginning. Global Entertainment has done a attrocious job running THE CITIES ARENA! I beleive the city should contact Comcast’s Global Spectrum Arena Management Co. They have a proven record of being successful in the arenas they are in, and also run a similar arena once run by Global: The Budweiser Events Center in Loveland, CO.

Another arena once managed by Global; the Dodge Arena; has since fired the company after problems have come through the vines down there. It’s only a matter of time before we do it too! Spectrum is high quality, run some of the largest arenas in the USA, and run the beautiful Value City Arena in Columbus!




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