Something to be Happy About

12 10 2006

In yesterday’s Vindicator, they reported on YSU’s Student Government Association approving a plan to, using student volunteers, restore (excuse me, reactivate)  the garden adjacent to the former Wick-Pollock Inn, which has been decaying ever since the hotel closed.

Hopefully, this will precede an entire restoration of the property. I’ve written before on the Wick-Pollock, and people like Hunter Morrison will concur, it’s both an important and lovely space in the city. Many houses going up Wick Avenue have a Victorian aura about them, and it’s very important to maintain that aura with the Wick-Pollock, given it is the first house people see coming from downtown.

Overall, I’m very excited about this project. I think it’ll create a new space for YSU students, and as Morrison said, it’ll also “help Smoky Hollow”.

That concludes my comment on the story. However, I’ll wrap up this piece with images of the garden circa this past July. A full gallery of the garden and the Wick-Pollock is hosted on, but they now require a memebership to access the image gallery. This will offer just a small taste (BTW, for everyone who reads the forums and this site, I’m the one they call ytownAF2, if you didn’t already know). Enjoy!



See how badly this is needed?




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