More Gloom and Doom from Global

28 08 2006

First off, I’d like to thank Smoking Gunn, who posted two comments on my contact info page, for calling this to my attention. I greatly appreciate it.

If you’ve been reading this blog, you know I oppose the operator of the Chevrolet Centre, Global Entertainment. I believe that in one year, they’ve given us many unfulfilled promises in guaranteeing events that haven’t come here, and recently they’ve begun to guarantee us money that will cover debts the city may incur from operating the arena.

It appears our colleagues down in Hidalgo have felt the same way, and they’re now deciding to take action. The city-owned Dodge Arena, at present the only arena beside the Chevy managed by Global, has fired the company as its manager.

This certainly doesn’t help Global’s case in managing our arena, and when the Dodge, a venue that is playing host to considerably higher profile events compared to ours, is cutting ties with Global, I think it’s time Youngstown seriously re-evaluates their relationship with them as well.

Since this is a relatively breaking story, we’ll report back on it tomorrow. Stay tuned.




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