Chevrolet Centre/Global Follow-up

30 07 2006

Following up on my article from Friday, I’ve learned why the Mahoning Valley Thunder have their offices on 224 in Boardman and not at the Chevrolet Centre, and also learned a little about where they’ll be practicing. 

The answer: their offices aren’t in the city because Global Entertainment refuses to allow them to have offices in the Chevy Centre, and because the Steelhounds are considered the main tenant (because Global owns the CHL), the Thunder won’t be allowed to practice at the arena.  

As mentioned Friday, the other Global-owned arena, the Dodge Arena in
Texas, also has two sports teams: the Rio Grande Valley Killer Bees (CHL) and the Rio Grande Valley Dorados (af2). I wonder if the Dorados receive the same sort of second-class treatment.  

These conditions are exactly why I question the tactics Global uses in managing the Chevrolet Centre. It’s a known fact that football is much more popular in Youngstown than hockey, and if the people of this valley warm to the different pace of game arena football presents (I have a feeling we will, and if some don’t they may accept the general entertainment experience a game offers), it has the potential to make much more money for the arena and the city. If this were to be the case, why relegate the Thunder to this lower class? 

This further exemplifies the problems Global gives this city with their management. Yes, the Steelhounds are in the league they run, but does it have to come to the point where Global plays Art Modell and the Thunder play the Cleveland Indians, back during the “mistake on the lake” era?  

Once again, the unfairness and dishonesty that Global gives us cannot continue.  

In closing, I’d like to make a plea to all those who are reading. If you like what you’re reading, and if you feel Global needs to change the way they run the Chevy or just kick them out altogether, e-mail Global. It isn’t much, but when a group of us voice our concerns individually, this can be called to Global’s attention. So drop them a line:




One response

31 07 2006

That was easy enough lol.

I wrote a nice little letter of my lack of appreciation Global has and how they truly aren’t running this for the good of Youngstown. I wrote it in awful fashion and ripped all over their pathetic operations. I hate the way the Thunder are being treated and how like 5 events are booked for the next 5 months! PATHETIC

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